Hair Removal


We use the most hygienic PHD system strip wax on legs and larger areas. This has a single use disposable applicator for each client.

We use the gentlest hot wax with aroma pre-wax oil on sensitive and coast hair areas such as face and bikini, hot wax pulls hairs rather than your skin which gives a minimum pain and reduce skin sensitivity.  We NEVER double dip the wax applicator.

Waxing treatments should be carried out at least 24 hours before any self-tanning treatment to enhance your tanning results and are not recommended within 24 hours of any heat treatment.

Face Waxing
Eyebrow Shape (Hot Wax)
Design, shaping with trimming if needed.

15 Mins £14.95

Upper Lip or Chin (Hot Wax)

15 Mins £12.95

Upper Lip & Chin (Hot Wax)

25 Mins £17.50

Side of Face (Hot Wax)

15 Minutes £18.95

Nasal Wax (Hot Wax)

15 Mins £11.95

Body Waxing (10% discount on any 3 areas)
Lower Leg (PHD)
From knee to toe

15 Mins £21.95

Upper Leg (PHD)
Above the knee no incl. Bikini line

15 Mins £22.95

Three Quarter Leg (PHD)

25 Mins £26.95

Full Leg (PHD)

30 Mins £32.95

Standard Bikini Line (Hot Wax)
Outside of knicker line

15 Mins £19.95

Brazilian (Hot Wax)
Hair is removed from the pubic area leaving a strip of hair approximately 2” wide up and over the pubic mound.

25 Mins £29.95

Playboy/Hollywood (Hot Wax)
Hair removed includes the labia and the area that reaches into the buttocks except a thin strip left just above the vaginal area. This gives you the freedom to wear even the most revealing swimwear and lingerie. The treatment is not nearly as painful as it sounds.

40 Mins £40.95

Full Arm (PHD)

30 Mins £26.95

Under Arm (Hot Wax)

15 Mins £14.95

Men’s Waxing
Chest (PHD)

PHD – 30 Minutes £27.95
Hot Wax – 45 Minutes £35.95

Chest and Abdomen (PHD)

PHD – 45 Mins £31.95
Hot Wax - 60 Mins £41.95

Back (PHD)

PHD – 30 Mins £27.95
Hot Wax – 45 Mins £35.95

Back and Shoulder (PHD)

PHD - 45 Mins £31.95
Hot Wax – 60 Mins £41.95

Eyebrows (Threading)

15 Minutes £12.95

Upper Lip or Chin (Threading)

15 Mins £12.95

Upper Lip & Chin (Threading)

25 Mins £13.95

Side of Face (Threading)

15 Minutes £15.95

Full Face (Threading)
All of the above.

30 Minutes £30.95


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